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The Industry’s #1 Retargeting Strategy, Upgraded
Why You Should Choose Us:

Reach A Profitable Audience On Any Device

When you own your first party data, you are not tied to a single marketing platform or a single device as in Cookie based retargeting. 

Regain control of your marketing with Identity Resolution and reach your target audience on ALL of their devices. 

Omni-Channel Retargeting Opportunities

Claire Gives you a better retargeting strategy. 

You can reach your target audience on ANY platform both online and offline. Want to send an email instantly upon a website visit, without an optin, we can do that for you. Send them a postcard without optin? XM Radio? Online TV? You can with Identity Resolution by CLAIRE. 

Leverage Our 250,000,000+ Person Identity Graph

We use Big Data and match your website traffic to our proprietary Identity Graph. When we make a match, you get that record as first party data on your website. 

When you know that it was John visiting your website, retargeting John anywhere is possible. 

People Based Marketing

When you know WHO to target, nurturing a relationship is much more attainable.

By meeting John where he is right now, physically, mentally, and emotionally with your marketing, you can increase conversion through better conversation.

Custom URL Segmenting

Not only can we tell you WHO has been on your website, but would you like to know what product or page they were interested in so you can custom tailor your marketing message to them? i.e. In Real Estate, would you like to know what property they were looking into? Let's setup custom URL Segmenting to supercharge your retargeting.
Having your 1st party data, you can advertise to them using various ad channels and networks.
Resolve the identity of your website visitors. This allows you to focus your marketing efforts on the prospects who matter most, and produce better results in less time.

Claire helps you convert prospects into buyers.

How Do You Double Your Business This Year? 

A New Strategy.

You can choose to pass and continue your current strategy. 

But your direct competitor won't. 

A.I. and Identity Resolution will be Mandatory to be competitive in 2019 and beyond. Don't wait on this, this technology can help you explode your profit in the coming years. 

The Decision You Must Make

If you’ve read this far it’s because you realize that you cannot continue doing what you’ve always done and hope to grow your business. 
Without Identity Resolution, and a Retargeting Strategy That Get Results the difficulties in your current marketing strategy will continue. CPC will rise. Your current CPA will continue. And it will only get harder and harder to grow your business without A.I., Identity Resolution, and Retargeting 2.0.
Vantage Targeting can provide you with the sustainable competitive advantage you need to grow this year. But it will not be available forever. 
Schedule a call with us to claim your Identity Resolution Smart Pixel today.
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