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"84% of respondents say AI will enable them to obtain or sustain a competitive advantage."
- Forbes

Identity Resolution VS Cookies

✔  Identity Resolution Gives You Permanent Ownership and Control > Cookies Are Deleted
✔ Multiple Platforms (Facebook, Youtube, Email, Direct Mail, Amazon, ,..etc)  > Cookies Can't Do That 
✔ Reach John Smith Across Multiple Devices That He Owns > Cookies Is Only On A Single Device
✔ Identity Resolution Helps You Maintain A Longer Conversation With A Prospect > Cookies Expire
✔ 75% of all cookies expire within first 30 days
✔ Prospects and clients use over and over again, so a master list of your target market is perpetually valuable

Enterprise Level Identity Resolution Technology

✔ Our Identity Graph of 250 Million Americans is VAST and Ever-Expanding
✔ It currently costs $2.5 Million Per Year To Maintain our Identity Graph - it can handle any volume
✔ We Cross Reference Your Traffic With Our Database, When We Get A Match, You Get The ID
✔ We collect and analyze the behavior of your site’s visitors pre- and post-click
✔ Turn formerly anonymous website traffic into valuable First Party Data that you can leverage for yourself or sell to other non-competing companies
✔ Permanently eliminate the control powerful traffic suppliers (ex: Google/Facebook) have over your profits, since you now own the data they once controlled
✔ By extending your marketing to these new platforms that become available, you will open up new markets, new profit centers, and new sources for look-alike audiences at Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and more
✔ The power to create laser-focused audiences that you can market to (and remarket to) by piggybacking on existing popular content and authority website traffic

Omni Channel Marketing

✔  Facebook, Google, YouTube, Banner Ads, Twitter, Amazon, Linked In, Instant Email, Ringless Voicemail, Direct Mail, Radio, TV... All At The Same Time!
✔ The Platform Doesn't Matter... You Just Want To Reach BOB
✔ Bob has been to your website, Bob is deciding whether to choose you or your competitor
✔ You Don't Care Where Bob is, You Just Want TO Reach BOB
✔ The ability to ​retarget without an opt-in via… Email , Direct Mail , Mobile, SMS Text, Ringless Voicemail, Google, Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Radio, TV...etc.

SEO and PPC Mastery

✔ Achieve a lower CPC and CPA than your rivals without changing any marketing collateral.
✔ Converting your hard-earned SEO rank to a permanent and portable audience that is impervious to search engine index shakeups, and that can be used across all platforms.
✔ Experience massive increases in retargeting capabilities vs. traditional opt-ins, giving you more touch points and more opportunities to profit.
✔ Own this insight forever in the form of hash and device IDs, which allow for true cross-channel 1:1 marketing that happens on your terms.
✔ Realize exponential increases in audience targeting size as you leverage the world’s most powerful platforms (i.e. Google, Facebook) to construct look-alike audiences from previously inaccessible data.

Weekly Data File
We Deliver Your Site Traffic ID File Every Wednesday To Your Email
Having your 1st party data, you can advertise to them using various ad channels and networks.
This Is Retargeting 2.0
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