Supercharge Your Retargeting With Claire
Resolve The Identity Of Your Website Traffic So You Can Continue Retargeting Across Multiple Platforms, Both Online And Offline. 
Meet Claire - Our A.I. Smart Pixel - This is Next Level Retargeting and It's HERE NOW.
Identity Resolution helps you make more money.
Here's how. 

Here's the reality of the marketing landscape today...
- 90% of your prospects expect consistent interactions across channels.
- 98% switch between multiple devices throughout the day.
- Prospects who interact with a business using multiple channels are typically worth 30% more to you than those who use only one channel.

Why You Should Choose Us:

Custom Smart Pixel Identifies Traffic

Our A.I. tech goes to work for you. By placing our Smart Pixel on your page, you'll begin resolving the identity of your web traffic every week.

Profitable Campaigns Start With WHO

You could start with a targeting list based on demographics. But let's be honest, it's really just an educated guess based on your marketing knowledge. The BEST audiences are based on actual buyer behavior and with Claire, we can determine what they'll most likely buy and when.

First Class Support

We guarantee that you'll get your questions answered quickly. Your company deserves first class customer support. 

Retargeting 2.0

You'll be able to take our custom Site Traffic ID list, and use it on ANY Marketing Platform, FB, Google, Amazon, Email, Direct Mail, YouTube...etc. 

Create Profitable Lookalike Audiences

Your Fastest Path To Profit Is Knowing The Identity Of Your Site Traffic And Meeting Them Where They Are With The Perfect Message At The Perfect Time. We Can Help You Get There.

Omni Channel Marketing

When you own and control your first party data, you can take it anywhere. When you have identity resolution and know WHO is on your website looking to buy, you can reach them on ANY platform and on ANY device. Your marketing message can be Omni-Present.
Having your 1st party data, you can advertise to them using various ad channels and networks.
Resolve the identity of your website visitors. This allows you to focus your marketing efforts on the prospects who matter most, and produce better results in less time.

Claire helps you convert prospects into buyers.

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