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After simply copy and pasting our SMART PIXEL onto your website, CLAIRE delivers to you a weekly file of your website visitors. You can use this file to retarget them on ANY platform, online or offline. Decrease your marketing costs and increase your conversions!
Our pricing is based on website traffic and Industry. Once you're registered, we'll send you your custom Smart Pixel to put on your website. Once this is placed, we will be able to resolve the identity of your website traffic for you. You get a 14 day trial to see it in action first before you pay for it. Cancel at anytime. 
You Can Now Own/Control Their First Party Data
Site Traffic ID
*Pricing is based on traffic
14 Day Free Trial, billed monthly, no set up fee.

Automatic Email Retargeting
(Without opt-in To Site Traffic ID)
Setup is Fast - Powerful Email Retargeting

TV/Radio/Postcard Retargeting
(Without OPt In To Traffic)
Coming VERY Soon

YOU GET:  weekly list of SiteTraffic ID  -  100% privacy compliant - SHA 256 encryption  -  
identity resolution   -  machine learning   -  list is not based on demographics   -  
portable to 10+ ad networks  -  stop guessing WHO   -  omnichannel marketing
Long Sales Cycle?    High CPC?    High CPA?
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“Three Platforms: Amazon, Google, And Facebook. Registering, Iterating, And Monetizing Its Audience Is The Heart Of Each Platform’s Business. It’s What The Most Valuable Man-Made Things Ever Created (Their Algorithms) Are Designed To Do.” 
― Scott Galloway,
The Four: The Hidden DNA Of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, And Google
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